The First Exodus

A long time ago, Jews were finding it hard living in Egypt. They were being held in Egypt as slaves to the Pharaoh and he wouldn't let the Jews free. God was angry at the Pharaoh as he wouldn't set them free so he sent 10 plagues. The Pharaoh still refused until the Passover when the Angel of Death killed every eldest child in the Egyptians. The Pharaoh said they can be set free
As the Israelites started to make their journey to the promised land the Pharaoh decided he wanted them back to be his slaves so he chased after them. Moses separated the red sea so that the Israelites could pass to the promised land. When they made it passed the sea Moses commanded the sea to crash down and kill The Pharaoh and his men

A Modern exodus

he first waves of refugees began leaving Syria amid a government crackdown on street protests. Anti-government demonstrations began in March in the southern city of Deraa following the arrest and torture of a group of teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a wall. By July, hundreds of thousands were taking to the streets. Government forces responded with large-scale military operations, but many of those affected sought safety with friends and relatives within the country’s borders at this time