Forensics Week 16 Announcement

Dec. 8-12

Monday Dec. 8

5.17 Lab: Handwriting 2
5.17 Quiz

Tuesday Dec. 9

5.19 Unit 5 Test

Wednesday Dec. 10

6.01 The Courtroom
6.01 Quiz

Thursday Dec. 11

6.02 Expert Witness
6.02 Quiz

Friday Dec. 12

6.03 Planning Your Research Paper

6.03 Choosing a Topic (due 12/15)

6.03 Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic

Review the activities about finding a topic for your project and choose one for your research paper (unless your teacher has assigned a topic to you). Narrow down your topic by answering the Narrowing a Research Topic questions in the Student Guide. Remember: Your paper will be 3–5 double-spaced pages, or approximately 900–1,500 words. When you think you have arrived at a level that is specific enough to make a workable topic, submit the assignment by the due date for full credit and for feedback from your teacher.

(10 points)


1. What topic have you chosen for your research paper? Why did you choose this topic? List the questions you plan to address, as well as any other information you plan to include.