What you should know about Deep Sea

Celi Jackson


you will be traveling to the Twighlight and Midnight zone.
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Info about Deep Sea and things you should bring with you.

The average temperature is 17 degrees celsius. The average pressure is 14.5 pounds per square inch. The average 3.5%

Things you should bring

  • Snacks
  • Coats/ extra clothing
  • Scuba Gear
  • Entertainment

What you'll see

Some animals you'll see are

  • Frilled shark
  • Giant Spider Crab
  • Atlantic wolffish pair
  • Fangtooth fish

Some plants in Deep Sea are

  • Kelp
  • Poseidonia
  • seagrass
  • seaweed
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All about Science

Info about Currents:

Currents can influence the temperature and influence salinity.

Characteristics of an ecosystem:

Abiotic factors

  • Water, light, radiation,temperature and humidity.

Biotic Factors:

An example of biotic factors in the sea are frilled shark, Giant spider crab, wolffish pair and fangtooth fish.

The Oceans as a resource and human impact on oceans.

Examples of resources are

  • Deep sea mining
  • cobalt
  • oil
  • vanadium
  • molybdenum
  • platinum

Human impacts on this location:

  • Dumping
  • Pollution
  • Mining
  • Fisheries.

One thing we can do to protect this location is Manage fish stocks and stop polluting.