The Rabaduex Reader

February 1, 2016


Students will have the chance to pass out valentines to each other on Friday, February 12th. Please have your kiddo bring in something to hold the valentines they receive. Here are the names in our class:
Astha, Ethan, Julisa, Avery, Hannah, Carli, Landen, Kaleb, Noah, Ashlyn, Mary Jane, Lochlan, Ryan, Chloe, Zach, Allison, Michael, Abram, Eaden, Josh, & Daphne

101st Day

In 2nd grade, we hype up the 101st day of school as opposed to the 100th day. The 101st day of school is on Monday, February 8th. I will be encouraging students to dress in black and white since we have a dalmatian theme that day. I'm also asking students to bring in 101 coins that day. The coins can be a variety of any value as we will use them in math for sorting and counting activities. Afterwards, I'd like to donate the money that's brought in to a local animal shelter. It might be a good idea to have your child earn the coins somehow to help them feel like they are the ones donating the money. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Swim Lessons

LISD's 2nd graders visit the natatorium for a 4-day swim program designed to teach them water safety. Our class is scheduled to visit in March so permission forms, along with an information sheet, are coming home in tomorrow's Monday Message folders. There are 2 forms to be signed and returned so please make sure that both of them make it back to school.


After killing 2 different hard drives and having my computer in the repair shop for almost the entire month of January, I think I'm finally up & running again! Outlook was barely working on my loaner computer though : ( I've tried to keep up with emails using my phone instead -- but, if you're waiting on a response from me - please email me again.