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Issue #5


As a reminder, the iReady diagnostic window will be open through October 7th. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you in administering the diagnostic.

This week, we'll be looking closely at how to use iReady data to target a small group for intervention. I hope that you find the data useful as we move forward with our WIN blocks.

WIN - Intervention Block

By now, I'm sure you've launched your WIN Block. Remember that fluency building is an important component of intervention.

"Math fact fluency leads to higher order mathematics.Through automaticity students free up their working memory and can devote it to problem solving and learning new concepts and skills .” (Geary, 1994)

Be mindful of the following fluency-focused standards as you plan for your intervention work:

Big picture

Fluency Resources for WIN Block

I have collected a number of fluency building games from the Bridges curriculum. Please let me know if I can help to support you in bringing one or more into your WIN Block.

K Add/Subtract within 5 Games

1 Add/Subtract within 10 Games

2 Add/Subtract within 100 Games

3 Add/Subtract within 1,000 Games

4 Add/Subtract within 1,000,000 Games

5 Multi-digit Multiplication Games

STMath Update

Claypit Hill you are really launching your students toward success.

More than 1/2 of all Claypit Hill classes have met the important milestone of completing 10% of the ST Math Curriculum already! That is great news for our students. At this pace, completing about 10% of the curriculum each month, we will meet our school goal of 80% curriculum completion.

On Friday afternoons, I'll be popping into a couple of classrooms to celebrate student success in STMath. One K-2 classroom and one 3-5 classroom will be recognized for extraordinary effort each week. Sometimes we'll be recognizing puzzle count, sometimes we'll be recognizing positive habits like the use of tools and perseverance during STMath time. Sometimes we'll be celebrating the extraordinary effort of the classroom teacher to make STMath time powerful and joyful for the students. How will we recognize success? A stuffed JiJi will spend the week with your students until it is time to recognize a new group of students the following Friday.

This week we're recognizing Ms. Duffy's Kindergarten and Ms. Mello's 4th grade. Both classes worked so hard solving more than 12 puzzles a day and reached important milestones this week!

We enjoyed some ST Math PD despite some technological challenges. Thank you for your impressive, positive, outlook. Our Education Success Manager, Allison Hamblett sent along the following resources for families.

Also, some of your talented colleagues worked with me to create THIS POSTER. Let me know if you want a copy.

If you'd like to get started in creating an amazing STMath culture in your classroom and you want to begin NOW there are lots of resources for teachers on the STMath pages of my website.

Math PLC Preview

  • Answer any questions about the iReady diagnostic
  • Talk about the WIN block and your immediate concerns and needs
  • Play a Fluency Game
  • Discuss Math SMART Goals
  • Continue to plan our work together