legalization of marijuana

Toufic nabbout

Donald Trump

Trump said that he opposes and legalizing marijuana. Trump used to agree with legalizing marijuana I'm back in 1990 but now has changed his mind. People want marijuana legalized because it would give them jobs, reduce harm, help them save money, and promote consumer safety

Hilary Clinton

Hillary said that she supports legalizing marijuana. This is a good thing because it will help people get jobs save money reduce Harmon people and promote consumer safety.p


People need this problem to be solve and to be leaglized in all states of the US not just five of them it is causing problems all over because people are going crazy and wasting money on it doing it illegally and they can have the chance to do it all legally.

Jill stein

Jill also supports legalizing marijuana around the nation and she is just like Hillary Clinton they both support it which is a good thing it will bring people together and make them happy. The people would not be complaining about this problem anymore If this happens .

Gary Johnson

Gary also supports legalizing marijuana around the nation but he supports it at a very high-level rather than the other runners.

Organizations that are hurting the legalization of marijuana

-police unions

-private prison corporations

-pharmaceutical corporations

Organizations that are trying to fix the legalization of marijuana

-NORML = national organization for reform of Marijuana laws

-Marijuana policy project

-LEAP = Law enforcement against prohibition

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