Bear Facts

By: Tanner T. Period: 4

In a river in the middle of a forest, fish were swimming around like they normally do, but then suddenly ...a bear! Bears normally go for fish when they want food, but I will be covering many more things about bears other than where they eat. I will talk about where they live, where they sleep, if they travel in groups and much more!

Of course earlier I mentioned that bears eat fish most of the time, but they eat other thing as well, such as fruits, nuts, leaves, and insects. Polar Bears hunt seal fish.

Now that I have told you what bears eat here is where they live. Polar Bears of course live in very cold places. Other bears usually live in forests.

Not many animals hunt bears... but we do. Some people hunt bears because they break into peoples houses with unlocked doors, and for various other reasons. In my opinion they really shouldn't hunt bears like that.

Now do bears travel in packs? Sometimes when food is abundent they do, and the name for a bear pack is a sloth. However Polar Bears are never in groups, because food is never really abundent where they live.

In conclusion bears like foods such as fish, fruits, and nuts. Bears usually live in forests. Some people hunt bears. And finally sometimes bears travel in packs, but not polar bears.