Chp 7 Life in Society

Chandler Willis

Section 1

The early adult transition- Early adulthood begins with the early adult transition period ages 17 through 22.

Entering the Adult World-this stage begins at he age of 23 and ends at he age 27.

The age 30 Transition-from ages 28 to 32 this is a hard stage to go through for most people many career opportunities.

The Settling down period-From ages 33 to 39 envolves trying to establish themselves in society.

The midlife Transiion-This happens in the middle adulhood era is he midlife transition ages 40 to 44 serves as a bridge between arly and middle adulthood.

adult female development-Phase one is leaving the family, Phase two is entering the adul world, Phase three entering the adult world again.

section 2

Composition- The biggest changs involves the number of working women and the types of jobs they hold. There numbers are becomeing greater and greater every year.

Unemployment- The situation that occurs when a person does no have a job but is actively seeking employment.

Occupations- what type of jobs American workers hold.

Section 3

Adjustment to Retirement- in American society we tend to idntify individuals by their jobs.

Physical and Menal Functioning- As an individual ages, body selld begin to die. As a result, muscles and tissues shrink.

Dealing with dependency and death- For the middle old and old old, the issues of dependency and dah take on increasing signiicance.