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Staff Information & Updates 04/27/15

From The Principal's Pen...

This section is left intentionally BLANK (well, almost), so that you can take some extra time to carefully read all of the information included in this newsletter about upcoming events! Busy times ahead - 27.5 instructional days left! :-)

Proud to be your principal!

Tona :)


On Saturday we had the privilege of hosting a CODE.ORG class thanks to Cindy Walling and the Aspire TEAM. There were about 26 educators in attendance with 10 being from Cannon and one of our Instructional Coaches Janie Stach. It was also exciting to meet and hear the excitement about the importance of supporting this work from of one of our GMS STEM teachers-Lilly Monson!

We learned how to teach computer science skills (coding) through lessons that required critical thinking, logic, persistence and creativity in problem-solving aligned to all subjects areas. Each course is a combination of "unplugged" activities (not on the computer) and online activities as well. Like most things, learning the layout/logic of the lessons and resources is the biggest hurdle to master, but the lessons are engaging and higher level that build on each other.

Patrick was immediately envisioning ways to use this resource in our specials classes and we will be putting in place a school-wide student account system with picture passwords, so that students can be supported as they transition in multiple classes consistently. If you have the opportunity to take this in the future, I think it would a great tool to possess.

All staff that was in attendance completed several activities within the coursework and received curriculum materials. Additionally, Trisha has been to this class previously and is our own in-house expert, so please seek her expertise and ask her any questions you may have about how to get started implementing this in your classroom!

Click here to get your online account and check out today!


This link will be provided in the staff newsletter for the rest of the year, so check back often for new updates to the list!

SUMMER 2015 Professional Development

This document currently has Humanities, Technology, STEM, and PBL class offerings. Everything listed is a district offered training and is FREE, unless noted otherwise. If there is a sign-up for the class already in Eduphoria, the link is listed.

**Please be aware the TECHNOLOGY classes fill up fast so SIGN UP FAST.


Dates to Remember

4/27 4th grade field trip to FWMSH

4/27 HEB ISD tours Cannon's STEM program - 9:00-12:00

4/27 U.CAN - 3:00-3:45

4/28 PLC Week A - 5th grade 2:00-3:30

4/28 GCISD STEM College Fair - GHS 6:00 pm

4/29 PLC Week A - 4th grade 2:00 - 3:30

4/30 PLC Week A - 3rd grade 2:00-3:30

5/1 1st grade field trip to Dallas Arboretum

5/4-5/8 Kindergarten Registration all week long *extended hours on 5/5 until 6:30 pm

5/4-5/8 Staff Appreciation Week!

5/4 Fire Drill - 11:00 am

5/4 STEM Leadership 3:00 pm- library

5/5 Staff Potluck Lunch - Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

5/5 PLC Week B - Kinder 2:00-3:30

5/6 GCISD Principals do Instructional Walkthroughs @ Cannon

5/6 PLC Week B - 2nd grade 2:00-3:30

5/7 Kindergarten Field trip to zoo (rescheduled from 4/25)

5/7 PLC Week B - 1st grade 2:00-3:30


5/11 U.CAN - 3:00

5/12 STAAR Retakes - 5th grade reading

5/12 PLC Week A 5th grade 2:00-3:30

5/13 PLC Week A 4th grade 2:00-3:30

5/14 PLC Week A 3rd grad3 2:00-3:30

5/14 Young Engineer's Night 5:30-6:00

5/15 Kathryn Gibbs-Davis author visit

5/19 PLC Week B - Kinder 2:00-3:30

5/19 NRH2O Concert and Parent Info Meeting for All Choirs 5:30-6:15

5/20 PLC Week B - 1st grade 2:00-3:30

5/20 Hailee Wilson's Baby Shower 3:00 in library

5/21 Choir trip/performance at NrH20

5/21 PLC Week B - 2nd grade 2:00-3:30

5/22 Bad Weather Makeup day - school in session

5/22 Cannon Career Day - K-5 classes will participate

5/25 Student Holiday

5/26 PLC Week A 5th grade 2:00-3:30

5/27 PLC Week A 4th grade 2:00-3:30

5/28 PLC Week A -3rd grade 2:00-3:30

5/29 3rd grade field trip to Dallas zoo

6/4 Last day of school for students - early release!

6/4 End of year staff luncheon & recognitions - 12:30-1:30

6/5 Last work day for staff


Please remember that all teachers are required to complete sections II & III of the PDAS Teacher-Self Report prior to your summative. Also, please make sure that you arrive at your summative conference time with your current year PLP updated with reflections/evidences. Finally, be prepared to discuss your ideas for planning forward for next year's PLP, in order to discuss/share professional learning activities that you are planning for the 2015-2016 school year. Time will be provided during the final sessions of PLC's of the school year to work on your 2015-2016 PLP. As you start to think about next year's PLP, please remember that PLP's are about your own professional growth. These should not be completed as a team with all members sharing the exact same goals.

  • YOUNG ENGINEER'S NIGHT UPDATES Our engineering activities for our upcoming Young Engineer's Night are coming together! This is going to be a FUN evening for our school community!! Check out these documents to see the plans each group has made so far. Forms for families to select their desired strand of engineering are going home in Monday folders on 4/27. We are asking families to return these to school by Friday, May 1st. When you receive these back from your students, please place the forms in the FACILITATOR'S mailbox for the strand of engineering selected. See below for facilitators:
  1. Julee V. - Electrical
  2. Irene B. - Environmental
  3. Megan P. -Computer Software
  4. Erica S. - Biomedical
  5. Heather H. Aerospace
  6. Michelle H. - Civil

Please note that Pre-K will be running their own separate sessions during the evening in the library. Please help us promote this event to families in all of your communications! Thank you!

  • 1:1 TEACHER SURVEY - All teachers have been asked to complete a quick survey for Tony Zahn's Instructional Technology team about the 1:1 digital initiative. Please click here to complete this survey. Your feedback is important! Please complete by May 8th.

  • UPCOMING AUTHOR VISIT ON 5/15 - We are so grateful to our PTA for their help in providing the opportunity for author, Kathryn Gibbs Davis, to come visit & present at our campus! Please help us promote this to all scholars and parents. Click here to read the information on the design challenge associated with this author visit. Please encourage your scholars to participate in this fun design challenge that we are doing in partnership with our friends at Town Center Elementary! Designs can be submitted from individuals, teams, classrooms, or grade levels. We can't wait to see the creative designs our scholars come up with!!

  • SHARE YOUR GREAT WORK - PRESENT AT CAST 2015-2016! We had a great group of staff that attended the CAST conference in Dallas this year and I know they will all agree that they learned a TON at this conference! However, I bet they would ALSO agree that we have many staff members who are doing wonderful things in their classroom that OTHERS can learn why not ramp up your own professional learning opportunities by planning to be a presenter at CAST 2015-2016? CAST will be in Ft. Worth next year on November 12-14 at the Ft. Worth Convention center. Proposals are due by May 7th and Julie Brenegan has offered to help anyone write their proposal and/or brainstorm an idea! Through professional sharing, we leverage our own professional learning. These types of opportunities not only allow you to add value to a professional learning event and contribute to the educational community, they allow you to network with others and develop your own professional learning community that will help you take YOUR work to the next level!

  • K-5 CAREER DAY - MAY 22nd!- Mark your calendars now for a fun day for scholars K-5! Mandy C. is busy working on coordinating a K-5 Career Day on this date! More details will follow soon, but all grade levels will have planned speakers & activities from a variety of professions in their classrooms during this day!


  • Do attendance online between 9:45- 10:15 each day.
  • Sign up for your Summative conference time & complete sections II & III in your PDAS Teacher Self-Report/current year PLP's
  • Complete the 1:1 iPad survey for Tony by 5/8
  • Let Julie B. know if you are interested in being a presenter at CAST! Proposals due by 5/7.
  • Post information about Field Day on your blogs & Facebook pages.
  • Help promote our Young Engineer's Night to parents in all communications! Collect returned forms and give to engineering strand facilitator.
  • Share information about the author visit with your scholars/parents and encourage their participation!
  • Check out and talk to Trisha about the possibilities for your classroom!
  • Check out the Summer PD opportunities for new updates!
  • Tweet & blog about all of the great things you are doing in your classroom/grade!