Owls and Bees

September 19-23

Assignments for September 19-23

Monday: New high frequency words glued into planners for study at home (must learn how to spell them by Thursday, September 29)

New goal set for reading minutes (Students set their own reading goals and schedule for reading at home)

Tuesday: Correspondence journals sent home for Owls only. They will have until next Tuesday, September 27, to write letters back to me in their journals.

New word sort practice page sent home. We practice daily in class, but extra practice at home helps tremendously. Students will be tested on 10 of the 20 words (randomly selected) next Thursday, September 29.

Wednesday: Time for Kids home reader quiz is tomorrow! Don't forget to pack Time for Kids in red folder.

Thursday: Home Reader Quiz over Time for Kids magazine. The quiz will be short answer, not multiple choice.

New study guide sent home for next home reader quiz: Journeys story- My Brother Martin. I will read over completed study guides that are turned in no later than next Tuesday, September 27. The study guide will have all of the quiz questions on it, so it is helpful to complete. I do not take a grade on the study guide.