Hero Project

Tribute To Stephen Moore

My Personal Hero

Stephen Moore is a teacher at Hinsdale South High School where he teaches language arts to the students. He and my mom were the ones who taught me how to read when I was little and helped me develop a love of reading. Reading is now a big part of who I am as a person and what I enjoy doing with nearly all of my spare time. He was also the one who taught me how to write my first paper and who taught me the elements of writing a story for the first time, from dialogue to description. Essentially, he taught me the beginning of my education in literature.

In addition to teaching me what I know about literature, he builds shelving, fixes water pipes, pours cement, and fixes most of the problems that ever come up in our house. He's taught me that if you want to fix something or build something, you should do it yourself instead of hiring someone to do this. This attribute about him has increased how hard-working I am as well as my self-sufficiency.

Over the summer, my siblings, my parents, and I go on camping and hiking trips across the U.S. and Canada. On these trips, my dad is often the only one who goes on hikes that are particularly hard, and he loves to explore different national parks. I've acquired this love of hiking. His daring and adventurousness when it comes to hiking has also inspired me to be more fearless.

Finally, and most importantly, he always finds time to spend with us. I love that he tries to play with us whenever he has the chance, whether we want to play a board-game, freeze-tag, or watch a movie all together. He's constantly spending time with my two brothers and I, even if he has a lot on his plate. This has impacted me to spend more time with my brothers and other people when I have the chance, and to play with small children because they'll appreciate it even if I don't. There are many ways in which my father has positively impacted my life, which is why he is my hero.

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