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Week of April 12, 2021

RCC Registration Opens Monday, April 12th!

  • The website should allow students to begin registration at 7:00 am.
  • 9th and 10th graders, you will be fine to register during lunch since you have class at 9:00am.
  • If a student has not had an advising meeting with Mr. Ferguson, be prepared to schedule one beginning April 19th. Click here to schedule your appointment!
  • Mr. Ferguson is NOT holding advising meetings this week, so he can help students trouble-shoot with registration.
  • Students need to make sure they have confirmed their email address on self-service.
  • Parents, please note, that you will have to sign your approval of your child's chosen courses prior to registration. For students who have already had their advising meeting, Mr. Ferguson will be sending those course forms out, so parents be on the look out for those.
  • If students are having registration issues, please contact Mr. Ferguson via email (, come by the office or text at his RCC Google Number at (336)347-8177.
  • Students who were sent a letter about their academic standing should complete their midterm reports and academic plan to the retention counselor.

Graduation Activities

As of right now, 4/11/2021, we are held to 50% occupancy for our graduation. If this changes, prior to graduation, we will alter our plans immediately to provide graduates with more tickets.

We will be hosting the Celebration of Achievement on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 6:30 pm at Journey Church (1801 South Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC 27205). Each graduate will receive 3 guest tickets for this event. (The graduate is NOT included in the ticket number.)

Randolph Early College High School Graduation will be held on May 21, 2021 at 10:00 am at Journey Church (1801 South Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC 27205). Each graduate will receive 3 guest tickets for this event. (The graduate is NOT included in the ticket number.)

***We will notify seniors when tickets are ready for pick-up. We ask that if a senior is not going to use all of his/her tickets, to please return them to the front office. If you would like to request more than tickets than your allotment, please call the front office immediately to be added to the wait list. We will try to accommodate as best we can if we have unused tickets. Again, if state restrictions are lifted, we will offer more tickets immediately.***

We want to thank everyone for understanding our limitations with graduation during Covid-19.

Randolph Community College Graduation will be held on August 27, 2021 in the evening at Greensboro Coliseum. More information is posted on RCC's website. RCC caps and gowns are not available for purchase at this time. RCC will notify you when you are able to purchase.

Live streams will be available for both ceremonies.

Take Your Dreams Off Hold: College Is Within Reach!

The pandemic has put a lot of things on hold for North Carolina high school seniors. But the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) and our statewide education collaborators want to support schools and most importantly — SENIORS — who may need guidance refocusing on college plans.

That’s why CFNC is launching Take Your Dreams Off Hold: College Is Within Reach! This campaign supports high school seniors and parents, to help them complete the three important steps for college enrollment for the fall semester: college application, FAFSA, and residency.

Please click here for more information on residency, FAFSA, and college application completion. For additional information on upcoming events and opportunities, please see CFNC’s Take Your Dreams Off Hold newsletter.

Big picture

School Fees

9th Grade-----$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

10th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

11th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

12th Grade---$42.00 (Instructional and graduation)

Fees go to providing educational opportunities for students both in person and remote, such as subscriptions, lab materials, supplemental books, etc. Remote students can mail these in if they wish. If mailed, please make to the attention of Christy Cross.

College-Only Students, Please Complete Your Attendance Form DAILY!

Parents and College Grades

Parents, we invite you to reach out to Mr. Ferguson (, our RCC Liaison, at any time with questions or concerns about your child's academic performance in a college class. Please remember, our high school students are treated as college students regarding their RCC courses; therefore, college instructors will only speak directly to the student. Additionally, Mr. Ferguson addresses any alerts/concerns he receives from instructors with our students. We encourage you to have conversations with your student. Please have students show you their Moodle (college courses), Canvas (high school courses) and PowerSchool. You can access Parent Portal for PowerSchool and you can become an observer in Canvas as well. Please be aware when a student is withdrawn from a college class, he/she receives a failure on the high school transcript.

FERPA Release Form

Once a FERPA release form has been processed, parents of college students will be able to request any information from their child's records at the registrar's office (full transcript included). Mr. Ferguson will also be able to include the parent's email address when he sends out a student's alert.

The FERPA Form can be found at the following web address: .

It must be noted that parents will need to fill out the FERPA form by clicking the "Azure AD" button (pictured).

Parents will then log in with their child's RCC username and password.

This form must be filled out each academic year to retain access. Additionally, once approved, the parent will be able to login and see their child's information without asking their child for it on Self-Service.

Please have your lunch orders in by 11:00 am each day!

Free Lunch Through Southmont

Click above to order your FREE lunch through RCSS Child Nutrition!

RCC Armadillo Cafe Order Form

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