Envision Inspiration!

Vision Board Workshop with Ellen Tanner

Find your most fulfilling life

After a long, cold winter, are you itching to emerge and bloom in an intentional way? Is life so busy that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees? Or perhaps you find yourself in the fog, lacking clarity on your next chapter? Or maybe you know your dreams but have gotten sidetracked? Or it just may be that your soul is calling for greater fulfillment, passion and purpose but you’re just unsure what that might look like? Well, this workshop is made just for you!

Join Ellen Tanner at Studio Gaia

During this natural time of rebirth and revitalization, join Ellen Tanner of Head to Heart Coaching for an afternoon of envisioning your most inspired and fulfilling life. Our brains are designed to think in pictures, therefore seeing inspiring images makes our dreams much more accessible and begins to build neural pathways in our brain that will help make those dreams come true. We will take time learn about the creative power of vision boards. Through connecting with the intuitive wisdom of Spirit within our bodies, we will gain clarity on how to approach our vision board and then get to work creating it! You will be provided with all the supplies and go home with a board that inspires and connects you daily to the life You Are Creating!

Be Inspired

Saturday, April 19 1:30-4:00 pm

Preregistration required.
Call (618) 779-5378 or email Wisdom@studiogaiaedwardsville.com