Red Wolf

Emily Salas


  • North American canid
  • Once roamed throughout the Southeastern United States
  • Food source: rabbits, rodents, and deer
  • Originated: Eastern North America

Facts !

  • The red wolf is not as unique or as popular as its cousins, the Grey Wolf or the Coyote. Red Wolfs once lived in the eastern region of the United States but when the passenger pigeon became extinct and predator elimination programs lead to its eradication from much of the United States in the 1900’s.
  • Only 12 surviving animals in the 1970's are making a comeback. Red Wolf is making a comeback. However the red wolf wasn't even known to Americans about its extinction. This animal is a mascot of what we have to protect. In result that if we don' it will surely become extinct. However this will only occur if we choose not to pay attention to this beautiful animal.