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Brentwood Carnival Is TODAY!

Brentwood's School Carnival
Where: Sam's Fun City
When: March 22nd
Time: 5:30-8:30
Come on out to the carnival! There are fun games, fun rides, and a buffet! You can pre-order using the form sent home or pay at the door. Be sure to wear safe shoes and socks!



Remember to stay off the grass! We are trying to grow grass to improve the drainage and it looks better than just the clay! Don't you want to avoid those red clay stains on your clothes? Well we know we do!


Spring Break Is HERE! No school March 25-29, 2013

Flowers are blooming and the temperatures are getting warmer...this can only mean one thing...SPRING BREAK! We want you to enjoy your Spring Break so you can come back to school refreshed and happy. We have generated a list of activities for you to enjoy during the week off of school.

1. Head to Fast Eddie's and ride the go-carts and have a water balloon fight!
2. Go to the Naval Aviation's FREE to get in!
3. If the weather is just right, pack a picnic lunch and head to Pensacola Beach to catch some waves!
4. Go to the movies and see The Croods!
5. Have you visited the newly remodeled Downtown Library? If not, this would be a great week to go and check out some books!
6. Go to the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center and take a stroll on the nature trail.
7. If your parents are lucky enough to have some days off with you, see about going camping at Ft. Pickens!

These are just a few ideas for you to try during the Spring Break holiday. No matter WHAT you do, be safe, enjoy your time, and we will see you back at school Monday, April 1st!

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