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BEA Speech Team Compete: Here’s What They Do

Blue Earth- The BEA Speech team competes in speech competitions between the beginning of December and the end of the year at BEA to boost their students’ creativity by helping them come up with their own speeches, by which they get to choose which category they want freely.

A category in BEA speech you could compete in is informative speech. This kind of speech includes factual information, and usually has to be held up with pictures or videos. Another category is a persuasive speech. The purpose of this kind of speech is to try and persuade the audience to believe what the speaker wants them to believe. There is also a dramatic speech. By choosing this kind of speech, you have to choose from any kind of published literature (books, articles, websites, etc.) that can be serious or hilarious. You can also create a discussion, something you want the audience to think about, or have a topic to talk about. Poetry is another form of speech, and is also counted as a category. This also has to be from some kind of published literature.

All competitions for speech are held on Saturday mornings only. The speech team members have to leave from the BEA High School parking lot very early onto a bus. From there, they travel to (fairly local) cities to compete. The members arrive home mid-evening, which is anywhere between 5 PM to 8 PM. Sometimes throughout the season, there can be an occasional Junior-High-only meet, where grades stretching from 7th to 9th grade can come after school to do a meet.

Speech improves creativity because of the fact that you either have to come up with one, or you have to do some research and piece together a speech. It can also help overcome stage fright because you have to practice talking in front of an audience. You can benefit from speech because it helps your speaking skills develop more. Another thing that is it can improve listening skills. The final advantage of speech is that it can help you interpret situations better.

Battle of the Books Winners

By Anthony Roth

Blue Earth- Kylie Rosenau and Marissa Benz won Battle of the Books in 2016 in the BEA multi-purpose room for fun.

Kylie and Marissa won Battle of the books because they studied hard. They printed 50 possible questions that they thought would be in the competition.

Q: How did you win? Was it through studying, rereading, etc.?

They studied the books with over 50 questions that they printed out. They read all ten books.

Q: Will you compete for it next year? If so, why?

They said yes, and they wanted to do it to defend their title. They would also do it to have fun.

Q: How did you feel on winning the Battle of the Books?

Excited, nervous, “leaping through the halls”.

Q: Other

It was fun. They liked the cookies. Marissa’s favorite was The Tale of Despereaux. Kylie’s favorite was The Great Turkey Walk.

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