The Stinger

April 16, 2020

In this issue.....

  • Class Assignments
  • Auditions
  • Registration Night
  • Band Banquet
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Fulton County Virtual Band Performance


Please continue to visit to see what assignments are due this week.


  • Drumline Audition information is listed here: www.

  • Concert Band Percussion auditions will take place when we return to school.


Save the date! Registration Night for the 2020-21 Marching and Classroom Bands has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 30 @ 7:00 PM via Facebook Live! We will be announcing the marching band show for the 2020 season! Please plan to attend as a lot of important information will be reviewed. We will be emailing registration forms and more information about the online event by the end of next week.


Due to social distancing guidelines, our annual Band Banquet has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 25. We would rather wait to have a live banquet than a virtual one! We will let you know more details as they become available.


Our May General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14 at 7:00 PM. Due to COVID-19, this meeting will take place online. More details will be sent as soon as possible.


As a reminder, if your student wants to participate in the Fulton County Virtual Band Performance, video recordings are due by next Wednesday, April 22.

If you have any questions, send an email to Mr. Long at


We’ve selected a piece of music that is a “staple” in the Wind Band literature world. It was completed in 1909 and published in 1921 – so it is considered “public domain” and can be copied out to you via email and used in a “virtual performance” without copyright issues (anything written prior to 1925 has an expired copyright). Due to the difficulty of the music, this will be available to Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band students only. We have sent the sheet music to each of our Google Classrooms.

This is NOT a required assignment.

Every video submitted will be included in a mass-band virtual concert video, very much like this (except with instruments!):

We have already secured a professional videographer who will create a most-awesome “virtual concert” by getting 60 musicians on each screen. Of course the video will scroll to multiple pages so we see EVERYONE performing! He is one of the best in the business, it WILL be an amazing video, and we want you to be a part of it.

Errata/mistakes (check this to be sure your part is corrected)

Trpt1 – m.1 second note is E, not C

FHN3 – m.105-106 (m9-10 after letter C) are “A naturals”, NOT Ab

Euph – m.118 (5 before letter D) the last note in measure is first-line “G” , NOT “D”

TUBA – letter B should be one bar earlier; m.154 (15 before letter D) second note is “B natural” (both octaves), NOT “Bb”


  1. Listen to movement 3 (scrub to the 7:40 mark in the video below to begin movement 3)

  2. Work from THIS reference recording only:

Begin at the 7:40 mark to start movement 3

  1. Practice YOUR NORMAL PART. In other words, if you usually play Trumpet 2, then record Trumpet 2. This insures that all parts will be covered.

  2. Percussion, do the best you can with what you have. Got electric drums at home and can emulate timpani? Go for it!


  • You should have the reference YouTube recording playing in your headset or earbuds and on a visible monitor so you can perform with the ensemble in the recording; NO SOUND should be coming out of your computer speakers. Practice it this way before you try to record your video. PRACTICE PLAYING ALONG WITH THIS VIDEO. It will serve as our tempo reference.

  • Do NOT wear school shirts; though we may want to show our school spirit, this is not about any one school; together we’re ONE BIG VIRTUAL FCS BAND - we’re in this together! So dress in regular school clothes (sorry, no PJs) and record this at your house in your room where you normally practice. We want the best version of YOU ! Inappropriate dress will disqualify your video.

  • You can sit or stand, just be sure your phone video is capturing your entire upper body and picking up just the sound of your instrument; stay in the frame!

  • You will likely have to record this more than one time, so test a short section and play it back on your phone to make sure we hear only your part and that we see you.

  • It is totally OK to have several seconds of extra time on the front end of your recording so you can be ready for the downbeat (watch the conductor in the video). We will edit that part out on our end later. When you have completed the best version of your 3-minute recording, even if it’s not perfect, submit the Mp4 using the attached google doc link. ONLY VIDEO FILES (Mp4) can be uploaded.

Google Doc for video submission:

THAT’S IT! When the video is completely done each student participant will get a copy that can be sent to any of your family and friends. And who knows – it could even end up on television!