U.S Customs- Federal Agent

Ashly Torres period 9th

U.S Customs-Federal Agent

I want to be a U.S Customs Federal Agent because I come from a family that my uncles are in this field not the same careers but similar. This is a work field I am interested in because it's something that I'm around everyday in my daily life. My dad is in this field of work and based off the stuff he deals with and the things he does it interests me a lot.

Career Details

Responsibilities, Avg. Hours/ Work Schedule, Work Location{s}, Salary, Related Jobs

As a Federal Agent you need to have the responsibilities to make sure you know the law and are able to protect your country. The average hours you work is one of the three shifts 12midnight- 7am, 7am-3pm, or 3-10 and then between you can work and uncontrolled amount of overtime. They're many places you can be an agent from Chicago, Florida, Puerto Rico, to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Their salary is about an average to 55,000 per year. Lastly, jobs that would be related to this would be D.E.A, S.W.A.T, Detective, K-9, Undercover, Border Patrol, and many other.

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