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Two Weeks of Homework Club Left!

We will have only two more weeks of homework club for the rest of the year.

Homework Club will happen on April 5th (tomorrow), and April 12th (next week). April 12th will be the last day of homework club for the school year.

Mr. Green, Ms, Kerr, and I reviewed the calendar for the rest of the year. At this time, there are 6 weeks of school left.

During those 6 weeks of school, we have a lot of things happening - state testing, grade level events, 6th grade visits to junior high, staff visits to early childhood schools to welcome our incoming 2nd graders, field day, 6th grade graduation, etc.)

Students typically have little to no homework when their grade level is taking state tests, which means that there is little need for homework club during those weeks. By the time state testing is done, there will be only 3 weeks of school left and school will be winding down.

We will continue to support students in school with work completion.

We will begin making plans for homework club to continue next year.

Thank you for your support and patience this year as we worked through starting up the Homework Club program at Freedom.

Mrs. Snyder

School Counselor

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