Megan Cowherd block 4


Sulfur is a very common non-metal used in many different things. When at room temperature this element is a bright yellow solid color. When burned, sulfer creates a blue flame. It also is insoluble In water but will dissolve in carbon disulfide. Sulfur is also known for its awful odor.

Short Story

Sulfur and Its Daily Life

Hi there, I'm sulfur and I'm here to tell you about my daily life. I get made fun of on. A daily basis because of how I smell. A lot of people tell me it's because I don't shower but what they don't know is that I do shower but my stench is insoluble just like me. A lot of times people tell me I smell like rottin eggs but there is nothing I can do about it. I also get made fun of for not being a strong metal like a lot of the other elements. I am one of the very few weak ones and they make sure I know that. The final thing I get made fun of for is my color. Everyone always knows when I'm around because of my smell or my bright yellow color.