Coral Snakes

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Coral Snake Facts

Coral Snakes are very dangerous. There are more than 50 different types of Coral Snakes in the World. They are Elapids witch have hollow teeth for venom. They're two to four feet long, and the longest Coral Snake was about five feet long! They are very bright colored, and eat mice and other reptiles. They live in logs, stumps, and in dead leave piles. They are the most dangerous Snake in the world, so watch out! Explorers thought that they were coral, so they all ways watched out for coral colored things (That's how it got it's name). People think it's the most beautiful Snake ever! Coral Snake heads are about the same width as there bodies. They also live in Grasslands, and holes dug by other Animals. They're nocturnal witch means they don't come out till nightfall. When a threat is near they stick there tongues out and "smell" the air, and stick it back in there mouth and put it all the way back into there organs and taste the air! They Molt or shed skins almost ten times a year, and old Coral Snakes don't Molt anymore. They have the most dangerous snake in the World, and are very secretive. The Female Coral Snakes lay eggs in ant hills.
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Coral Snake

Coral Snakes are very rare and will usually coil there head back like this Coral Snake.

Black Mambas and Coral Snakes

The Black Mambas are the most deadly Snake on the Planet. They have the most deadly Snake Venom in the World. Although the Coral Snake in a winning second, and hardest Venom transporter ( they have small fangs so the Scientists have to have small tubes to hook on to the fangs of the Coral Snake witch is really hard to do without getting bitten. When most Snakes like the Rattle Snake they just have to hook the fangs on to a bole so that the fangs drop the Venom into the bole witch Coral Snakes can't do because there fangs are to small) they are are very close to the Black Mamba. Although Coral Snakes aren't very see able like the Black Mamba so that makes the Coral Snakes secretive.

Coral Snake Facts number 2

Coral snakes are the most pretty snake in the world. They are very pretty with yellow, black and red stripes, and in some parts of the world like South America they are blue, white, and red. Although the pretty colors they are so deadly one bite from a Coral Snake can kill you in under 5 minutes, but they don't usually attack they will usually defend. When they fell threatened they will stick there tails out instead of there because lets be real it's better to lose your tail instead of your head.
Eastern Coral Snake (Micrurus Fulvius)