Let it Snow!


Using REMIND, Sarah will be able to send updates, cancellations and notices via text messaging. Please sign up to stay in the loop!

December 12th SKI CLUB CANCELLED due to lack of snow! This night of SKI CLUB has been rescheduled for FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 2015.

About Trinity Ski Club

  • Ski Club takes place on the days listed, but are subject to change depending on lack of inclement weather. Ski Club hours are from open-close (10am-10pm) at Swiss Valley Ski Area in Jones, MI.
  • Ski Club Cards come with 8 punches on them. Two of these punches may be used on any day of your choosing. The other punches must be used on a designated Ski Club date. Club cards will be distributed to you directly in the mail.
  • Group lessons will only be offered on Ski Club nights and arranged with Sarah in advance. Look for group lesson sign-ups in this e-bulletin.
  • Club cards are not replaceable and may not be laminated.
  • Bonus cards may be purchased in February for $70, if you run out of punches on your card! :)


Trinity Ski Club will ONLY cancel, if Swiss Valley is CLOSED. If you ever have any doubt or wonder about this, please text me at 574.261.7135 or check with Swiss Valley directly. You may also sign up to their snow text line to receive direct updates from them. Click on the link below to sign up for this service.
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RSVP for December 19th SKI CLUB. CLICK HERE.

Ski Club RSVP and Group Lesson sign-ups are here. Open this form to confirm if you are attending, and if you will need lessons.

Ski Club

Friday, Dec. 19th, 10am-10pm

13421 Mann St.

Jones, MI

Join us for a (hopefully) snowy start to the ski season at the top of the intermediate slopes, just outside of the lodge. Group lessons will be starting around 4pm. Exact times will be sent through REMIND. Celebrate the Christmas season on the slopes and wear a festive hat. Meet us by the fire for hot cocoa and fellowship at 7pm.


  1. Arrive to Swiss Valley at a time convenient for you. Sarah Galiher or Paula Brown will be available to answer questions. Sarah can be reached at 574.261.7135, if needed.
  2. Head into the main building and go to the window to get your lift ticket. Just show your SKI CLUB CARD and they will give you a lift ticket to attach to your jacket and a rental card. There is a bathroom in this building--- usually a good idea to stop there, too. :)
  3. Head over to the RENTAL BUILDING and fill out the information on your rental card. You will need to know your height, weight, age and shoe size. Get your rental boots and find a place here to store your stuff. Lockers are available, but you will need to bring quarters to lock up your things. Another option is to to just store your things on the open shelving units in the rental building. I found the easiest for me was to slip on my snow pants and gear in the car, and just leave my boots on the storage shelves after getting my rental boots. The less you bring, the easier it goes, and the faster you will be out skiing!
  4. Get your ski boots on and bundle up. Then head down the line to grab your skis and poles. Don't forget your RENTAL CARD- they will need to see this. Finally, you will need to leave an ID/LICENSE at the booth before heading out the door. Be sure to have this in your pocket, I keep the following in a plastic Ziploc bag in my coat: Ski Club Card, Drivers License, money/credit card for concessions, and chapstick.
  5. When you head outside, you will find yourself across the street from the Bunny hill and at the top of the quad chair intermediate hills. This is where we will ALWAYS MEET FOR LESSONS. Look for people in red jackets- they are the instructors.
  6. EVERY Ski Club date, we will take a half hour or so to try to meet up and enjoy fellowship, take a picture, grab food or hot cocoa. Watch for a REMIND text to find out when and where we will meet. (this is optional, of course!) There are two buildings where you can head in to warm up: the lodge with the cafeteria and the Chalet, down by the Ski shop.

2014-2015 SKI CLUB DATES

Friday, December 19th, weather pending

Wednesday, January 7th (rescheduled)

Friday, January 9th

Wednesday, January 21st

Tuesday, February 3rd

Tuesday, February 10th

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About Warren Miller

Warren Miller is a famous ski and snowboard film-maker. His production company has made a movie each year for over 60 years! His films highlight the best talent and the most exotic locations for skiing and other action sports in the world. Through the years, hardcore skiers and snowboarders have made it a tradition to see the new Warren Miller movie as the official start of the ski season. They have a saying - "It's not Winter until Warren Miller comes to town!"