Miss Butz's Class Newsletter

September 28 - October 2

The End of the First Nine Weeks

Wow! We are officially done with the first 9 weeks of kindergarten on Friday, October 2nd. All week I will be doing report card assessments to see how your child is doing with some of the power standards we have been working on. Please refer to your copy of the report card sent home at Back to School Night to see what skills will be checked this time around. We have been working hard and I can't wait to see the progress your child has made already!

I am so happy to see that most of you have already signed up for a conference time with me. I look forward to sharing your child's report card with you and to talk to you about any questions you might have about your child's progress so far. If you have not signed up for a time, please do so as soon as possible.

We will begin our second nine weeks with a field trip to Tuttle Orchards! Please remember that we will be going on Monday, October 5th to learn about apples and pumpkins. I will send home information for parent volunteers closer to the date. We are basically leaving as soon as we all get to school. Please remember to send a sack lunch with your child on Monday the 5th. I will send an additional reminder about that closer to the date as well.

Just an FYI...I will be out all day Tuesday for a meeting at central office. We will have a guest teacher, Mrs. Lewis, for the day.

Important Dates

Friday, October 2nd: Gator Gear Day!

Wear your gator gear or your green and blue to show school spirit!

Monday, October 5th: Field Trip to Tuttle Orchards!

Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!

Tuesday, October 6th: PTO Meeting

7pm at the South Creek Library

October 7th and 8th: Parent Teacher Conferences (after school)

Make sure you sign up for a time online.

October 12 - 23: Fall Break

No school. Enjoy the two week break from school.

PTO Spirit Day @ The Gymnastics Company

Sunday, Oct. 11th, 1-2:30pm

5311 Commerce Circle

Indianapolis, IN

More details coming home soon...

Learning This Week!

Literacy Focus:

Story: I Love Bugs!

Letter Sound: review /a/ /t/ /m/ /p/ /s/

Phonemic Awareness Skills: rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds, ending sounds

Reading Skills: asking and answering questions, key details, main idea, making connections

Sight Word: review see, like, a, we, can, I, the

Math Focus:

Mathematics and Our Bodies, review skills, report card assessments - counting to 100, shapes, patterns, sorting and classifying

Writing Focus:

Seasonal writing, writing with voice

Science Focus:

All About Apples

Social Studies Focus:

Johnny Appleseed and Apples


Monday: Library*

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Music (rotates each week)

Thursday: Art

Friday: Gym -- Wear your gym shoes!!

*Please note that your child can NOT check out a new book unless the book is returned on our library day on Monday. If you send it in late, then he/she has to wait until the next Monday to check out another book.

Learning at Home -- Picture Draw

Goal: To help your child hear individual sounds, blends, and/or digraphs at the beginning of words.

What you will need:

· Paper

· Colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers

· Pictures of objects

Let’s Go!

1. Show pictures of various objects that begin with those sounds.

2. Go through the pictures together and find the objects beginning with the sounds he/she is learning (so far we have learned these sounds: short a, s, t, m, p).

3. Next, name a familiar place for your child. For example, the beach, a park, the mall, the woods, etc. With your child, list the things found there that begin with the letter sound or blends that you are working on. Example: Name all the things that begin with the letter “s” and “sh” that you could find at the beach.

4. Next, have your child draw a picture of that place. Include all the objects that you both named. Share the picture with another family member or friend and say the names of the objects out loud.

Let’s Go On!

5. Ask your child to write the names of the objects he/she drew. (Phonetic spelling is ok, as always.) Then read them to someone in the family.

Quick Tip for Literacy

- Digraph – two vowels or consonants blended to make one sound. Examples are ou, ei, ea, sh, th, wh, and ch.

- Consonant Blends – a sequence of two or more consonant sounds within a syllable. Examples are str, bl, pr, pl, dr, sn, tr, fl, or nd.

Source - Family Fundamentals for Learning School: Home Literacy Connections_


*Dismissal is at 3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

*Every Wednesday is an Early Release Day. We dismiss at 3:20pm.