The StuCo Report

Alamo Heights High School Student Council Monthly Updates!

What is the StuCo Report?

The StuCo report is a monthly update on all Student Council events and activities. Each month, we will have information about upcoming events, committee meetings, board meetings and details for class officers.

Dude. Be Nice Week

Dude. Be Nice Week is December 2nd through the 6th. Student council has the students of Alamo Heights do lots of different activities during this week. We want to share kindness throughout the school, so we have the students do little activities everyday to spread awareness.

General Meetings / Committee Meetings

AHHS Committee Meeting - Oct. 8 / AHHS Class Officer Committee Meeting - Nov. 5

AHHS StuCo General Meeting - Oct. 22 / StuCo General Meeting - Nov. 19

Thanksgiving Maintenance Lunch - Nov. 22

On November 22 the student council members will be cooking a delicious lunch for our Maintenance and staff. We cook this special meal every year to say thank you to all that they have done to keep this school clean and functioning. We also make sure that our meal is just like any classic thanksgiving lunch to show our gratitude to our awesome maintenance.