It's Windy Wind!!!!

Wendy Wang

Now Lets Fly Higher and Be Blown Away by the Amazing Facts Of Wind!

First, what is Wind? Wind is the air motion by the uneven heating of the Earth's surface. Wind never disappears; thus, it is a renewable resource. Wind can even be used to create electricity!
You can find Wind EVERYWHERE on Earth! Don't you think that since wind is everywhere and has no cost that it is one of the Top energy option?!

Now, don't think that you can go home and use wind to turn on your TV. It's not that simple. You need a Wind Turbine to be able to produce electricity.

So What Exactly Is A Wind Turbine?.....

Wind Turbine is a machine that converts the wind energy into mechanical energy. Everyone can buy a wind Turbine, Even You! However, wind Turbines are expensive to built, you need a Pro to make the final product. And if it breaks, another Pro has to go inside and fix the components, which can be really dangerous. Even though it costs a lot, Wind Turbines are used as early as 200 B.C!!
Wind Energy Song

How Would A Simple-Machine-Like-Device Be Able To Produce Energy For Everyone?!

Well, it would be hard to believe that wind can be used to produce energy but how exactly does a Turbine convert the energy into Mechanical energy?

The force of the wind movement causes the propeller blades to move around on a rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft which then turns it into electricity by the generator. A Turbine can create electricity for just you or for a whole community. The electricity then can be used to turn on your TV or other devices either in your house or around the neighborhood.

Today, many countries use the wind's energy to produce electricity. U.S, China, Germany and England are some of the top users.

Ernie Thompson on the Coal River Wind Farm
Wind Turbine Tour