budget project 🏧

By: Madeline Gutierrez

education 🏫 🎓

for my education I am going to college. I am going to get my bachelors degree at TCU.

my total cost of education is $97,288

emploment 📛

for my position I get paid salary and I am a dental hygienist in Arlington, TX. requirements for my job are excellent customer service , good and out going personality and a associates degree.

payment 💰

~ yearly income: $71,110

~ income taxes: $17,777.5 (taken out)

~ gross monthly income: $5,925.83

~ net monthly income: $4,444.38

transportaion 🚗

my car is a 2015 ford mustang and I am buying it for $23,800. my monthly payment is $396.67 and my insurance company is Geico I pay $180 a month on car insurance. I also pay $416 a month a gas. all together I pay $992.67 a month on transportation.
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home 🏡

my home price is $195,000.in Arlington, TX monthly mortgage is $719. my electricity bill is $87.72, my water bill is $20, and my, internet is $90. I pay a total of $2,016.72 a month on housing.

( 2704 oak clif Ln, Arlington,TX )

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living ☀

my average money spent on groceries is about $110. my phone company is AT&T, my plan is a individual plain. and I spend about $150. I also spend about $75 on clothing. for my monthly entertainment I plan to go to the moves about 4 times in a month and going out to eat about 2 times a month. I spend a total of $409.

family 🐱

for my family its just me, I'm not married and I don't have any children. my health insurance company is blue cross blue shield it cost about $328 a month.