Andrew Jackson

A Hero of His Time

Early Life

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15 1767 in an area called Warsaw which lies on the corder of north and south conneticut. During the revolutionary war, Jackson decided to join a local militia as a messenger for the continental army. But one day when Jackson and his brother were captured by the british. Taken to a prison camp along with their mother, Jackson and his brother soon contracted small pox. The british soldiers agreed to release the boys and their mother for this reason. Although, Jackson's brother never did make it back to Warsaw, and Jacksons mother would die just weeks after returning home. Now orphaned at the age of fourteen, Jackson was taken in by his uncles. Later on, in his late teens, Jackson would soon begin to sudy law in salisbury North Carolina. Only later to be admitted into the bar as a Lawer. And would soon make his way to being the first representative of Tennesee.

Road to Presidency

Already having a backround in politics, and widely know as a hero because of his victory in the battle of New Orleans, Jackson would soon run for president in 1824. Although he lost that election, he would soon run again in 1828 and would gain the honor of being our nations 7th president. He would also be reelected in 1832 for a second term.

Jackson's Character

I believe Jackson was a hero during his time as President.

Spoils System

The spoils system is a system where, after winning an election, the candidate would provide government jobs to his/her supporters.

President Jackson as a Hero

I believe that our nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson was a hero during his presidency. The founder of the democratic party, it is said that Jackson was the savior of our still growing nation. He took the nations power from the rich and balanced it with the common people. And also going on to abolishing the national bank which favored the rich at the expense of the common people, farmers, factory workers, etc. Although not all of his accomplishments as heroic as others.

President Jackson's Promotion of Democracy

President Jackson promoted democracy well at some points, and not so well at others. One of his promotions of democracy was the abolishing of the National Bank which benefited the rich in expense of the common people. Other choices of his that did not promote democracy would be Tariffs, or a tax placed on goods imported from other countries. While the nations people called this law out as unconstitutional, the southerners took it a step further. The south's nonacceptance of the tax was topped when South Carolina stated that they would secede from the United States if the tax was not lifted. Outraged President Jackson called on South Carolina and eventually convinced them to stay with the country. The tax was just lowered more but never lifted. Another example of Jackson's poor promotion of democracy was the westward expansion of farmland in the United States and kicking Indians out of their homeland. As demand for more farming land from the south increased, more Indians were kicked out of their homes so our nation could expand. Signing treaties, adopting the white mans culture, and even going to war with the white men would not keep them safe in their homes and tribes. Forced to relocate and walk miles after miles to their destinations in harsh conditions, improper supplies, and having to sleep on the hard ground, this cruel action nicknamed, the trail of tears, forced by Andrew Jackson was met with much criticism and sympathy to the tribes.