Identity Theft on the Internet

Tori Horn

Ask yourself

Do you think your identity was stolen? Have you checked you credit card bill lately and see something you didnt buy. Your identity might have been stolen. bout nine million people have had there identity stolen each year.

How many peoples identity was stolen in 2014

Every two seconds a persons identity is stolen. Identity fraud occurs when someone's personal information is used to access money, and identity theft is when personal information is accessed. More people have had there identity stolen in 2014 than 2013.

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identity theft

Percentages are based on the number of complaints in the federal trade commissions consumer sentinel network(332,646 in 2014).
Percentages total to more than 100 because some victims reported experiencing more than on type of identity theft.
includes fraud involving checking, savings, and other deposit accounts and electronic fund transfers.

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  • Don't put you credit card number online.
  • Don't give out you social security number.
  • Choose good pin codes and passwords.
  • Protect your cellphone, computer, and laptops.
  • Protect all your personal business.