Factors of Ageing

Dementia and Elderly Care, by Bethany Cutbush

Factors that influences ageing

Definition of old age

Old age is the final life stage when a person is 65 and over. When a person is at old age the Government pays for there pension, when a person has retired from work from ill health or old age, so the older person may be unable to do physical activity from feeling exhausted easily and having weak bones, which happens through old age, in old age appearance changes the person, they become frail, loose skin and wrinkles on the skin, older people get free services such as free prescriptions, dental, eye tests and bus passes because, elderly people don't get much money from there pensions, so they may have trouble to afford health care and bus tickets. Also elderly people need more health care attention because, there are more health risks in older age. Other definitions of old age are individual perspectives, ageism is common in older age, Erickson s stages relates to old age and attitudes.

The changes in late life that happen to older people are changes in physical activity such as mobility, balance and others, vision, in health care environments staff make sure any writing around the area is big and bold writing, for elderly people that are vision impaired, hearing, elderly people who have an hearing impairment may wear hearing aids to help them hear better, reduced metabolism and cognitive changes.

Factors influencing health and well being

Factors that influence health and well being are negative and positive socio-economic, the environment and living conditions the person is in, lifestyle, social isolation, bereavement, family, friends, financial, improvements in healthcare, reduction in harmful working practices, nutrition and the persons genes.

Factors of old age relates to ageing because, it shows what is old age, what happens during old age and what challenges elderly people have to deal with for example physical activities become more or a challenge and also mental activities on remembering things and concentration can be a challenge for some older age, especially if a person has a type of dementia, which is a mental disorder.

There are all sorts of diseases that older people can develop through there life for example dementia but there are other types of dementia that older people can get such as Altimeters disease which is the most common, vascular dementia, lewy body dementia and frontotemporal dementia.


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