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Who was kidnapped? Who dared to do it?

What went down when one of our God's was captured? Well, we can happily proclaim that Butter Beat was there!

On 560 bc, Persephone was playing in a field, when the earth tore wide open! A black chariot flew out, driven by Hades, and Persephone was snatched in! After descending back beneath the ripped earth, they were gone! Persephone described the next year living here as, "Upsetting. All I wanted was to be back with my mom, Demeater, and be playing like I used to." When we asked how Hades felt, he was, "Fully in love. I didn't want her to leave." That's right Butter Beat fans! Hades had been madly in love with Persephone, forcing her to his wife!

Through the year of Persephone in the underworld, forced to be Hades wife, a lot above them had been happening. Demeater had, "Endlessly searched for her. When I found out Hades took her, I felt betrayed." Yes! Luckily, Demeater knew where she was, but unluckily, she was furious! She threw her anger out by killing all the crops, sending cold winds, and creating what we know as winter. Luckily, Zuce came, telling Demeater about the harm she was causing, and how he sent Hermes to go to the dark underworld, to go retrieve her. When Hermes arrived, he stated, " A look of happiness spread across her face. Oh how we missed her." After Hades generously let her go, also letting her take 4 pomegranate seeds, death food. Yes! There was a catch, When Zuce sent down Hermes, he stated, "If Persephone has eaten any death food, from the underworld, she will have to stay there forever." Well, unfortunately, Persephone at the pomegranate seeds (death food) when riding back out of the underworld. When Persephone was back on the surface, Zuce questioned her, "Have you eaten any death food when in the underworld?"

"No. Only some pomegranate seeds, that Hades gave me."

"Then you must stay in the underworld forever." Replied Zuce. Now, Persephone would stay here forever. "Though, I will reconsider this statement I have said. Because you ate for pomegranate seeds, you will only have to stay in the underworld for four months."

Demeater claimed, "I was so thankful my husband, Zuce, compromised."

Now, every four months, when Persephone visits the underworld, Demeater's wrath strikes, causing what we know as winter.

Now, why did Hades send Persephone down with the death food? Well, he proclaimed, "if I sent her up with the death food, I knew she would have to stay here. I just wished Zuce hadn't compromised, because I then would have her and her love forever!"