THINK about this

The big city is the NEW PLACE TO LIVE

Are you thinking of moving?Well to the CITY & i'll tell you why from TELL THE NEWS morning paper

Are you born of entertainment in the country ?

In the Big city has plenty of entertainment in the city rather in the country. Do you have big bright lights in country? If you want to see lights , music, movies then the city is the place for you. Every Friday jazz will be playing downtown where your friends and family could dance and listen to. As well , you could watch a movie on a huge white screen with snacks. Lets change the entertainment of the country and come down to the city.

proud and loud Flappers

In the city you could now make your own decision. Tired of feeling unable to express yourself through fashion or not able to get birth control? Come to the city ladies , now you all try to be your own person . No more feeling like your trapped in the country by men , the city is where you become fee

Brand NEW Technology improving our lives

Brand new technology is changing our daily life for the better. No more old fashion way of life , but more faster , powerful , stress free , more efficient inventions . There need to use horses everywhere , but there are cars to get to places faster than minutes. Come down to the city and explore these great technology

The gist of movie g the city

All these great inventions , entertainment , chances of Women being more free are greats reasons to move to the city you try folks.The city is full of bright lights late at night where you could dance or listening to jazz and riding your car to eat out at fancy at restaurant. Who doesn't want that? A place ago express and explore yourself , its all about having fun. So come down to move to the city , country folks