Jamaican Desserts (100% Delicious)


Different Desserts

Jamaica has many different types, flavors, and shapes of desserts. Many are made with real fruits or vegetables. Jamaican desserts mostly have some form or type of alcoholic beverage in them, so if you make them the correct way and follow the recipe, underage children can NOT consume it. Jamaican desserts have a part in the Jamaican culture or history. Jamaican people take pride in their foods.

HIstory Of Jamaican Desserts


The history of Jamaican desserts go back decades and decades. Jamaicans love sweet foods and they also love alcoholic beverages, so they put them together and came up with delicious desserts and it became their custom. Jamaican people do not see their selves as alcoholics they just love their desserts with alcohol in them. I hear that if you try to make a Jamaican dessert without alcohol, it is not as good as it should be.