The Christmas Carol

By: Kaylee Townsend

Stave 1 Characters Traits

Scrooge- Stingy, Old, Selfish

Jacob Marley- Ungenerous, Tight, Willing to help change

Scrooge's Nephew(Fred)- Carefree, Loving, Traveler

Bob Cratchit- Poor, Kind, Humble

Stave 2 The Ghost of Christmas Past

Description of the Ghost:

Has a flowering dress, very strong arms, has flowers in one hand and a candlestick in the other. He also has these flowers around his head.

Where is he taken and why?

He first takes him to the countryside where he is raised, he sees his old classmates, and the old school. Scrooge begins to cry when he remembers all the memories he has had. The ghost takes Scrooge to where is soon to be wife broke it off with him. The ghost also takes him to a more recently Christmas where he seen his ex girlfriend with her new husband and how they say Scrooge is alone in the world. Then Scrooge begs the ghost to take him home. Then the ghost takes him home, and he falls back asleep.

Stave 3 The Ghost of Christmas Present

Description of the Ghost:

He has a coat on and under the coat there are two little "kids."

Where is he taken and Why?

They take him to the middle of the city, to smell the sweet scents and see everyone happy. Then they go to the Cratchit house to see that there will be an empty chair next year at Christmas. They go to a lot of other places to see all the Christmas parties people are having. The ghost takes him to Fred's party because this is where everyone is having fun, and Scrooge thinks he is having fun but he is actually not there. They go and see starving children and they are named "ignorance" and "want." Then Scrooge resizes that he isn't doing anything to help them.

Stave 4 The Ghost of Christmas Future

Description of the Ghost:

This ghost is covered by a black hooded coat. Except for his hand where this hand points to everything.

Where is he taken and Why?

In Stave 4: The last of the Spirits, the ghost of Christmas Future comes along. The ghost takes Scrooge various of places. He takes him to the London Stock Exchange. He also takes him to a dingy pawn shop. The ghost also takes Scrooge to a dinner table of a poor family. They also go to the Cratchit household. Then finally the ghost takes him to the graveyard.

The ghost takes him to the London Stock Exchange because they are talking about a death of a rich man. The ghost takes him to the pawn shop because they are selling personal things from the dead man. The ghost takes him to the dinner table of a poor family because they are happy that this guy died because they owed him money and they do not have to pay it off anymore. He also visits the Cratchit household because they are talking about the death of Tiny Tim, and how they are all sad. He takes him to the graveyard to look at a headstone, then he realizes that his name is on it and they were talking about him the whole time.

Stave 5 Summary

Scrooge is thankful for his second chance in life. He is very happy. He goes out and buys this little guy a Christmas Turkey. Everyone is shocked by how he is acting. He helps the Cratchit family out a lot. He is giving Bob a raise because of the way Scrooge has changed. Now he spread the Christmas cheer everyday.