Garrett F 1st period

Genral information

Indonesia is a group of islands called an archipelago, most of the islands have very fertile land too so if you like food come here for some of the freshest vegetables you have ever tasted that could be wrapped up in many foreign cuisines. Also if you like diving come here for beautiful warm waters with very exotic fish. Are you a nature lover? If you are than you should definitely come to Indonesia where we have multiple rain forests with some animals you wont find anywhere else in the world.Speaking of nature geology is huge here so come and visit gigantic extinct volcanoes and land that is completely formed by them. So if you love any of the many attractions listed above than Indonesia is the place for you.

Indonesia where dreams are reality


Indonesia is right next to the equator which makes it a very warm climate that is perfect for swimming, and hiking up beautiful mountains. The temperatures also change very little throughout the year so any time is a perfect time to go swimming in the lukewarm waters of Indonesia. Indonesia is a big archipelago of over 18,000 with an unknown amount of islands uninhabited but probably over 5,000 are uninhabited so you can see nature that has never been touched by humans. Indonesia is also covered with mountains that you can hike up to see a view that you will never see anywhere else in the world. Indonesia is also covered by rainforests with exotic and amazing creatures found nowhere else on the planet.

People and Culture

Indonesias main religion is Islam, with a little bit of Protestantism. Indonesia also has a dance culture that is very exotic. We also love art and painting, it has become very spiritual for us.Also Indonesia has lots of beautiful dresses and shirts made from batik cloth which some argue is the best cloth on Earth. Also Indonesia has a very exotic cuisine made from a mix of the countries around Indonesia.

Indonesia has a very large population but we have a high amount of agricultural workers in our society. All of our farmers mean we have some of the freshest food on the planet. Indonesia also takes great pride in its many martial art users and we also have our own form of martial arts called Silat. Indonesia also takes great pride in poetry which many familys take pride in. Indonesia also has one of the top producing film companies in the world so come here for classic movies like Arisan.

Indonesia has a lot of ethnic groups but Malay is its dominant ethnic group. The Malay ethnic group is also the one that takes the most pride in poetry and Silat. Indonesians are also very skilled and talented sculptors. Indonesians are also very talented musicians that still make songs our ancestors used to sing.


Indonesia's goverment is a republic. Most women in Indonesia have close to equal rights as men but men have a little bit higher ranking but women can still be elected into office. The biggest factor is men are in charge of the family while women are in second, so if a man decides to do something a women cant stop it. Also to vote in Indonesia you have to be 18 or older to vote. Indonesia also allows some external voting though.

In Indonesia after kindergarten you only attend six more years of school then you are on your own. In these school years they try to not only provide intelligence but also participation and teamwork. Indonesia also has a working judicial system that has many different courts. For example it has a religous court for religous matters. It has a public court for matters thatinvolve the public and many more courts.


Indonesia has a very prosperous economy. We lean heavily on agriculture to support our economy.Since Indonesia's ground is full of volcanic mater and is very fertile it is very reliable. Since it leans heavily on agriculture we mainly export crops such as rice, sugarcane, etc.

A sideffect of having so much agriculture is that we need to import alot. We need to import alot of technology and chemicals. We also have to import fuels and even some foods. Indonesia also has a growing conomy. Tourism helps fuel that economy alot so we have a very well established tourism buiness. It will also be cheap and withoiut special preperation to come here.