Are you saving our wonderful water?

Caitlyn Stuart

Where Does Water Come From?

Water is everywhere! Even under you right now there are pipes that carry water and they might even be going to your house! Water comes from pipes, clouds and taps. Imagine if you were playing in the garden and you saw a big TNT box and then suddenly the TNT box went BOOM and you didn’t have time to look at the hole you made because you broke the water pipes and the water was like a fountain But then rain started falling so you did not get in trouble until the next day.

What is it used for?

Water is used for lots of things like drinking, cleaning, washing, toilets, animal lives, plants lives and our lives! Before we were born dinosaurs, cavemen and other people and animals and plants only drunk water there were no Lemonade, Coca Cola and Fanta it was all water.

How and why is water wasted?

How is water wasted?

Chucked out of the window onto the foot path.

Wash your cat. [if you have one]

Wash your car in winter.

In a way the Ice-bucket challenges.

Why is water wasted?

Social life

Our pets



What would happen to us, and others, if we continue to waste water?

One day we would all die because the plans will die and they give us oxygen so we would die.

All of the people, animals and plants in the world will die.

Before we die we will get very ill.

Can you persuade you friends to save water?

You could tell your friends that we can all die and this is how you can stay alive.

Use the 5 litre flush on the toilet instead of the 11 litre flush.

Try not to put the sprinklers on.

Take shorter showers.

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