The Leopard Call

Ladd Newsletter


We're excited to start the 19-20 school year with you. Here's a brochure that captures the essence of Ladd. As mentioned in the brochure, we use Multiage Classrooms for our 4/5 classrooms. We also use elements of Personalized Learning throughout the school. All of our approaches are designed to help Build Resilient Leaders at Ladd.

Communication @ Ladd

  • These "Leopard Call" newsletters will be texted periodically to help keep us on the same page. You can also stay in touch by following us on Facebook, visiting our website, and reading the emailed bulletins through PowerSchool. Rhonda can help you set up PowerSchool.
  • Teacher Communication: Bloomz App, emails, phone calls, face to face visits, and more. If you want to spend time in the classroom, just let the teacher know to expect you. There is a sign-in at the office.
  • It's best to schedule a meeting with the principal, as she is always popping in and out of her office & can be difficult to catch. Joni can help you with scheduling the meeting.

6 Day Color Rotation

We run a 6 day rotation schedule. This means that your child's "special" or "encore" class will be held on different days of the week, but always the same color day. This schedule ensures equitability of meeting times for each class and avoids Monday/Friday holidays.

Admin Staff at Ladd

Cori Anthony: Principal; Joni Jackson: Admin Secretary

Alicia Lewis: Assistant Principal; Rhonda Gottschalk: Attendance Secretary

Kristy Weaver: Counselor; Debbi Blackburn: Special Education Clerk

Veronica Steadman: Nurse; Alexandra Arndt-Brown: Behavior Aide (Ms. A-B)

We look forward to working closely with you throughout the year to help create the best learning environment that we can for your child. Welcome to Ladd!