Boston Massacre

By: Jameil and Malachi

Detailed Explanation

5 civilians died as a result of the incident, 3 died on the scene and 2 died later. 9 British regulars were charged during the trials.

Boston Massacre

Monday, March 5th 1770 at 12am


Background Information

Was a street fight that occurred on march 5 1770 between a patriot mob throwing snow balls, stones, and sticks, and a squad of British soldiers several colonist where killed and led up to the campaign by speech writer Rouse Ire of the citizenry. Troops open fire on the civilians in the crowd and killed 5 people and a lot of people where wounded after the event had happened.

What/ who areas where effected by the cause?

The people of Boston that lived in the homes in that area. The news paper went crazy over the situation and went to all of the colonies for them to see

Colonist response to the event?

Patriots: wanted to move toward more independence after the situation because they didn't like the way the troops handled the situation.

Loyalist: Where people who believed that the troops had to do what had to be done to stop the riot of the crowd.

How did this worsen the relationship between Great Britain and the colonist

The relationship went down hill since the situation because of all the situation that occurred. How can you trust the own government that killed all of your people and will not pay the price for what happened.