Nuclear Fusion Discovery

By Matthew Habina

Hello, my name is Matthew Habina, and I have discovered a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. I have conducted a project over the last 10 years that allows me to do so: I have constructed a thermonuclear plant. But it is not just an average thermonuclear plant. My plant confines very special technology (which will remain disclosed) that allows nuclear energy to be transformed into power that can be used in everyday lives. However, this technology does not interfere with the natural way that nuclear fusion produces energy. It just does it in a different way. I hope that this new energy source can lower power bills and help the environment.

How Does Nuclear Fusion Produce Energy?

Nuclear Fusion produces energy when two or more isotopes form a chemical reaction. It is more powerful than nuclear fission, which occurs when atoms split into smaller ones. It sounds harmless, but without a certain amount of heat, it can get seriously dangerous. Safety concerns include the possibility that rapid cooling could result in accidents.