how to make a girl smile.

Angela ye

Want to put a smile on a girls face ? Buy her some clothes . Not just any clothes ,most teenage girl would be willing to wear from hollister,abercrombie and american eagle.

Walking into Hollister is like a dream for any girl from the age of 9 - 25 . The scent of their fabulous colonge feels the air and makes you feel rich by just beeing there .

The feeling when you wear their clothes are just perfect . The smell of the shirt isnt that strong it feel just like a soft spray of colonge spead outside of you .

Wearing the latest cotton, Abercrombie mannequins can always be seen at the front side of the store . The cotton feels so conforable ,it feels like cotton candy surrounding you .

When you wearing their clothes there a nice scent of colonge not too strong , it just perfect for anytime of the year .

Walking into American Eagle is just right for a teenage girl . They have the perfect clothes for everyone . The minute when you walk it like a dream for a girl they have this soft scent of smell through the air with a soft breeze . the clothes are super comfy for any time of the year , expecially in the Winter time .

Going shopping would always put a smile on a girls face . When you buy her some clothes make sure it a brand that she likes , for example lot of teenage girl love Hollister ,Abercrombie , and American eagle .