IPS Quiz #1

Study Guide

Quiz #1 Review

Lab Safety

- Waft liquids

-Never waft solids

-Report all accidents right away

- Never use broken or chipped containers

-Always keep your goggles on until you're told you can remove them

- Call 2828 incase of an emergency

- Never leave a burner unattended

-Always clean your area

-Wash hands after the lab

Lab: Reaction In A Bag

-Phenol Red= PH indicator

-Below 7 turns yellow

-Above 8 turns pink

-Solid A=Calcium Chloride

- Solid B= Sodium Bicarbonate

Lab: Heating Baking Soda

-Heating baking soda created a gas

- When the heated baking soda was mixed with tea, it created a different color than the unheated one and tea

-Indicator= the tea


-Volume= length x width x height

-1mL=1cm cubed

-When measuring liquid in a graduated cylinder, always measure from the bottom of the meniscus.

Balance Notes

1. Check that balance is clean and dry.

2. Always zero balance before each massing.

3. Never switch pans.

4. Only pick up balance by red bar.

5. Don't zero the balance when done.

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