Michael Kimner

Work Hard, Play Hard

Michael Kimner

Michael Kimner left corporate America to work as a consultant, in part to spend more time with his children. In a poll conducted by Pew Research, 47% of the fathers surveyed said they spend more time with their children than their parents spent with them. Michael Kimner decided to spend more time with his children and the importance of this decision cannot be overestimated.

Michael Kimner - Rising Through The Ranks

Michael Kimner has several decades of experience in the energy industry, the most important and challenging being at Duke Energy Corporation.

Michael Kimner was initially hired as the Vice President of Trading and Portfolio Management, located in Houston, Texas. He spent a few years there learning about Duke Energy and the Energy Industry in general. Michael Kimner was responsible for derivative trading and hedging services for their physical natural gas group, covering almost every pipeline in the United States.

After several years in that capacity, Michael Kimner was promoted to Chief Trading Officer. While a short-lived position, Michael Kimner was responsible for all trading activity as well as directing the activities of a staff of seventeen. Less than a year after becoming Chief Trading Officer, he was again promoted, this time to Senior Vice President of Petroleum and Risk Trading at Duke Energy Merchants. The Gross Margin Trading profits he was able to generate totaled in excess of $100 million. Michael Kimner also developed and implemented the company’s business strategy for creating a petroleum trading organization.

Michael Kimner's last move within Duke Energy took place in 2001, when he became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Duke Energy Merchants. As C.E.O., he created and instigated a company world-wide business plan for commodity trading. He also established trading offices overseas, in both London and Singapore.

Michael Kimner now works as an independent contractor and while the pace of his life may have slowed a bit, one can be assured he is still the go-getter that rose to the rank of President at Duke Energy Merchants.

Michael Kimner - Energized and Ready To Go

Michael Kimner chose to create a career in the Energy Industry. He made this choice in the early 90's, and it could not have been a better fit. As a go-getter and somewhat of a trailblazer, Michael Kimner started his career at Champion Energy, in Greenwich, Connecticut. Having attended high school in Darien, Connecticut, Greenwich seemed a logical place to take his bachelor's in Business Science and start his new career.

As Michael Kimner worked his way up the career ladder, the Energy Industry took on more importance in the United States. The acquisition of energy in any form (gas, oil, coal, etc) began to be debated throughout the country, and Michael K knew that the expansion of domestic and international markets was going to be a good match for his interests and skills.

Michael Kimner moved from Champion Energy to several other energy management and trading firms before landing in Houston Texas, at Duke Energy. Learning the business, understanding the way this particular company worked, helped Michael Kimner work his way up the ladder, ultimately landing him the position of President and CEO of Duke Energy Merchant.

The Energy Industry turned out to be a fitting place for an active, energetic business executive. Michael Kimner eventually left Duke Energy to establish an independent business and spend time with his children, no less energetic – just with a different focus. His focus is now two-fold: He serves as an advisor to other companies in need of his knowledge and experience; and most importantly, focusing on his children and his role as father. That alone takes an inordinate amount of energy, and if anyone is up the that job, it is Michael Kimner

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