5 piece equipment

By: Alex Keeling & Imani Lewis

Popcorn maker

How is it used?

- Pour popcorn into the popper base, distributing it evenly around the loading area.

-Drizzle vegetable oil over the corn. Place the popper cover/serving bowl over the popper base.

Place butter in butter melter and pop corn according to instructions in the How to use section.

What is it used for?

- The popcorn maker is used to pop popcorn produced through the explosive expansion of kernels of heated corn.


How to use it?

-Place the bread into the toaster bread wells.Set the timer control to the desired setting. Press the carriage down gently until it latches. The power indicator will light and the toasting cycle will commence.

What is it used for?

- it is used to toast multiple types of bread products using different heat elements.

Deep Fryer

How to use it?

1: Fill the deep fryer with oil

  1. 2: Turn it on, make sure it gets to the right heat level
  2. 3: Make sure your food is dry
  3. 4: Lower food in slowly and carefully
  4. 5: Wait, set a timer if necessary.

What is it used for?

-it is used for cooking many fast foods and making them crisp.


How to use it?

-restaurant deep fryer. Understand the effects of oven positions. Be able to make general oven temperature conversions. Learn the temperature ranges.Reduce heat for fan-forced ovens.Preheat the oven prior to cooking.

What is it used for?

-used for the heating, baking, or drying foods.


How to use it?

- 1. Foods of different kinds should be wrapped separately or stored in containers with lids to prevent cross-contamination in the refrigerator;

2. Always remember to place cooked food above raw food in the same refrigerator, i.e. ready-to-eat food or cooked food should be kept in the upper compartment while rawfood should be stored in the lower compartment of a refrigerator;

3. Ensure the temperature of the refrigerator to be kept at less than 5°C and the freezer at - 18°C or below;

4. Canned food should be transferred to a non-metal container after opening and properly covered before it is stored in the refrigerator;

5. It is not necessary to put unopened sterilized food or unripe fruit in the refrigerator;

6. Allow leftovers to cool before refrigerating;

7. Food taken out of the refrigerator should be thoroughly cooked or reheated until the core temperature of the food reaches 75°C or above;

8. Food should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long period. In general, leftovers should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than three days;

9. Non-perishable food, such as beverages, can be kept on the door shelves;

10. The refrigerator should be sufficiently ventilated; avoid overstocking the refrigerator to maintain even distribution of cold air inside;

11. Keep the door closed as often as possible to prevent the rise of temperature inside the refrigerator;

12. Defrost and clean the refrigerator on a regular basis.

What is it used for?

-is used to maintain a temperature a few degrees above freezing point of water in order to lower the reproduction of bacteria in foods.