By: Mina and Haley

Cheer camps

  • most of the instructors are former and current cheerleaders.
  • Instructors often cheer at several cheer camps and sometimes get to travel.
  • usual camp prices can cost up to $250-2$75
  • camps only hire the best cheerleaders ages 18 and older to be instructors.
  • an estement of half-million cheerleaders go to cheer camps in the summer.

NFL cheerleaders

  • sometimes it takes months or years of practice to get in.
  • NFL cheerleaders make $75 for each game.
  • only a few cheerleaders get picked out of the thousands that try out.
  • most NFL cheerleaders make $500-$750 per season.
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  • professional cheerleaders have a really busy schedule because they have two practices a week, and its two to three hours long.
  • you have to be 18 and older to be a professional.
  • some professionals can be judges, coaches or instructors.
  • most professional cheerleaders are sports cheerleaders.


  • all-girl and co-ed teams have at least 1-25 cheerleaders
  • routines can't be longer than 2.5 min.
  • at level 3 boys start to come in handy for teams
  • scores are told on a scale from 1-10