Gabe Newell

Co-creator of Valve, Steam and both Half-Life's.


Gabe Newell was born on November 3, 1962. He attended Harvard University but later dropped out to get a job at Microsoft. After he and his new found business partner left Microsoft they created Valve with the money they had earned. As there business grew they created Half-Life and in 2000 it got over 50 PC Gamer awards. He bashed Sony for the Playstation 3 but later praised it for being Steam compatible and said Xbox Live is a train wreck.


Steam was created while he and Mike Harrington were working on Half life 2. Steam has a net worth of $2 billion-$4 billion dollars.

Personal Life

Gabe is currently married to Lisa Mennet and has two children. His favorite games are Doom, Super Mario 64, and Star Trek played on a Burroughs Mainframe Computer. He is currently worth $1.5 billion.