The State of Independence

The Quakers, not Quaker Oats

The Society of Friends also known as, the Quakers, was a society during the 17th century that banned slave holding. The Quakers eliminated connections between God and people and sacraments including The Lord's Supper and relied on what they called, the Inner Light. The Quakers worship consisted of sitting in silence until the Inner Light members shared their religious concerns with the brethren.

Characterizing rapid growth and Prosperity

My family and I's journey began at a colony called,Pennsylvania. It offered my family and I both religious toleration and economic opportunity which we thought would be absolutely wonderful. Coming from a family of Quakers, Pennsylvania was the perfect settle for us considering most of the people from the colony are Quakers. Pennsylvania wouldn't have been found if it wasn't for William Penn, in which he himself was a Quaker. Before Penn found the colony, he was very eager to leave England and settle somewhere else. However, that didn't happen immediately. Penn and 4,000 other Quakers were jailed. Us Quakers, refused to serve in the military and to pay taxes along with it. In 1682 before my family arrived, Penn arrived in Philadelphia, and he was clear about what he wanted his colony to be like. His policies began to charm many Europeans, including myself. Before we knew it, the colony had become populated by self-contained communities, with each speaking a different language or practicing religion.

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