Growing Readers One Book at a Time!

Accelerated Reader Program

You make a difference!

Welcome Back, Coyotes and Parents. Reeces Creek Elementary School students will be using the Accelerated Reader program (typically referred to as AR) during the 2018-2019 school year. Our school uses the AR program as a motivational tool to increase the number of books that students read.


We will offer incentives to students and classes throughout the year including:

  • AR Store -- The AR Store will be open four times this year for students to buy prizes with the points that he/she have earned throughout the year. Prizes start at 1 point and range up to 250 points.
  • Class Recognition -- A progress tracker will be used throughout the year to track class points. Classes will be recognized throughout the school year.
  • AR Trophy -- Students will receive an AR Trophy during their end of the school year Award Ceremony if he/she meets the criteria set forth for his/her grade.
  • Top 10 -- In May, students who are in the Top 10 for the school will be recognized.
  • Top 3 -- The Top 3 will have their name engraved on a plaque that hangs in our school.

Some of our incentives

Growing Readers One Book at a Time! AR Kickoff Day: September 10

Key to Success

Parents and teachers are essential to the success of the AR program. Please encourage your child to read daily and help them to develop the love of reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Together we will inspire your child to become a lifelong reader!

Coyotes are Readers!

To see if a library book has an AR test, please look at the spine for an AR label or go to and type in the title.