South African Sable Antelope

Facts About The Name

Males are called bulls or cowsGenus& Species: Hippotragus nigerClass: MammaliaOrder: Ruminantia (Ruminants)Family: Boudae (which means hoofed, antlered)Tribe; Hipotragini

Habitat and facs about Sable Antelope

Sable antelopes are large, dark to black colored with an extrodinarly long upright mane along the neck. Face is usually black blaze from the forehead to the nose with long antlers/horns. They live in tall grassy areas about 45-150 cm high of sweet and sour species, open savannah woodland with large trees and low dence shrubbary, open grassland.

Fun Facts of the Sable Antelope

  • Life span of antelope is 17 years max
  • they are omnivores who typically graze eat foliage and herbs.
  • Population size has decreased in 1970 it was 3,000-2,000 per land mass and now it is only about 120 per land mass
  • They are very dependent animals