The Principal's Message

Crossroads South Middle School

April 28th, 2019


Bonnie H. Capes, Principal

Sondra Hinson & Mark Kmiec, Assistant Principals


Welcome back from SPRING BREAK. I hope everyone had a great week filled with as much time in the nice weather as possible. We are excited to be back and ready to head into the last two months of school. As always, ATTENDANCE MATTERS! Please do your best to have your children in school and on time. We have a lot of learning ahead!


Ms. Capes


  • EARLY RELEASE DAY: This Thursday is an EARLY RELEASE Day for school planning.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!: We would like to wish the best congratulations to Mr. Boehm who was named as the Crossroads South Educator of the Year! Mr. Boehm is the math teacher in the Alpha Unit. He is also the coach of our football, boys basketball, and boys lacrosse teams. Congratulations, Mr. Boehm! We would also like to congratulate Mrs. Phylis Kristjanson, a para-professional at Crossroads South who was named as the Educational Support Person of the Year. Mrs. Kristjanson is also seen on our stage, serving as the musical director for our amazing school musicals. Congratulations to Mrs. Kristjanson.
  • MATH & SCIENCE 8 TESTING RESUMES: NJSLA testing resumes next week. Please refer back to the grade-level specific email that provides details for the upcoming testing sessions. Please know how proud we were of each student during ELA testing. They did a wonderful job and we know they will do the same in the coming weeks. If you have any specific testing questions, please reach out to Mr. Mark Kmiec, Assistant Principal/Testing Coordinator.
  • ENTRANCE SECURITY: Our new vestibule is complete. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we upgraded both the front vestibule and our entrance protocol. Remember, all visitors must have a valid photo ID to enter the building.
  • ATTENDANCE REPORTING: Genesis has a new feature that allows you to report any absences or planned tardies via the Genesis portal. Click on the ATTENDANCE tab and then NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE. Complete the required information and everything will be sent directly to our attendance office. We hope you enjoy this new feature.
  • SPRING CONCERT SERIES: Please join us for the upcoming Spring Concert Series

5/17 - Band Concert @ SBHS 7:00pm

5/14 - String Concert @ SOUTH 7:00pm

5/23 - Vocal Concert @ SBHS 7:00pm


  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Now is a great time to open the conversation with your child regarding his/her appropriate use of technology and the digital profile they are creating on social media. Please remind your children that their behavior online holds consequences. Use these tools for good!
  • AFTERSCHOOL: As a reminder, students are only permitted to stay after school if they are participating in a school-sponsored club, activity, or event. This includes students staying as spectators of our athletic program. Please note that they must stay with that event and they are not permitted to go anywhere off campus. Please feel free to call Administration with any specific questions.
  • IMPORTANT BUS NOTE: Please remember that students are only permitted to ride his/her regular bus home. You cannot go home on another bus. Our busses are full and any additional students have left others without a seat and in a potentially dangerous situation. If your child wishes to go home with another student, you must coordinate either a parent pickup at the school or a parent pickup at your house. Thank you for your understanding.

Go to this link for a wealth of up-to-date resources from our School Nurses, Jennifer Duvelsdorf & Janice Royer.



  • 4/29 - Welcome Back!
  • 4/30 - NJSLA Makeup Testing Only


  • 5/1 - 6th Grade Trip
  • 5/2 - EARLY RELEASE - School Planning
  • 5/6 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 6th Grade
  • 5/6 - BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm
  • 5/7 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 6th Grade
  • 5/8 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 6th Grade
  • 5/9 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 7th Grade (and Algebra 6th/7th)
  • 5/9 - PTO Meeting @ North
  • 5/10 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 7th Grade (and Algebra 6th/7th)
  • 5/13 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 7th Grade
  • 5/14 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 8th Grade (and Algebra 8th/Geometry)
  • 5/14 - SPRING CONCERT - Strings @ SOUTH 7:00pm
  • 5/15 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 8th Grade (and Algebra 8th/Geometry)
  • 5/16 - NJSLA TESTING - MATH 8th Grade
  • 5/17 - SPRING CONCERT - Band @ SBHS 7:00pm
  • 5/20 - NJSLA TESTING - SCIENCE 8th Grade
  • 5/20 - BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm
  • 5/21 - NJSLA TESTING - SCIENCE 8th Grade
  • 5/22 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - School Planning
  • 5/23 - SPRING CONCERT - Chorus @ SBHS 7:00pm
  • 5/24 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
  • 5/27 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
  • 5/28 - BOGO Book Fair
  • 5/29 - BOGO Book Fair
  • 5/30 - BOGO Book Fair
  • 5/30 - Hershey Luggage Drop Off


  • 6/3 - BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm
  • 6/4 - NO SCHOOL - Eid al-Fitr
  • 6/6 - EARLY RELEASE - School Planning
  • 6/6 - 8th Grade - Gettysburg
  • 6/7 - 8th Grade - Gettysburg
  • 6/7 - Police Torch Run
  • 6/14 - 8th Grade Semi-Formal @ SBHS
  • 6/17 - BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm
  • 6/21 - 8th Grade Trip
  • 6/25 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - 8th Grade Recognition 3:00pm @ SBHS
  • 6/26 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Last Day of School


Please SUPPORT Project Graduation

Project Graduation is looking for book donations to support an upcoming Book Fair at SBHS. Please consider donating your books. This flyer will share the donation bin locations.


Our own PTO will be hosting the Buy One, Get One Book Sale at the end of the month, May 28th, 29th and 30th. More information to come.


Please send in your BOX TOPS! Although your children are in Middle School, we still collect any and all box tops. This is a quick and easy way to gain funds for our school. We will collect all year!