Coming of Age Project

By: Isabella Isenberg, Kyleigh Treadway, Zoe Dycus


7 years: Lukas Graham's song is about him growing up throughout his life.

Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez' song is about the darker side of a family and they change throughout the song.


Divergent: Tris' family is in the abnegation group and she doesn't choose to be in that group, she chose dauntless. Now she has to be tough and fight.

The Hunger Games: Katniss volunteered as tribute for Prim and she had to experience the dangerous life instead of the life she was living.

TV Shows:

Stranger Things: Eleven didn't always have powers, she had to adjust with the powers she was given, to be in control.

Super Girl: Super Girl came from Krypton to Earth, and she had to experience a new life at Earth and not use her powers when ever she wants.

Isabella's Facebook posts!

These are a few old and new Facebook posts, from Isabella's page. It shows how over the years I have matured and come of age.