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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Getting There

Dubai is located at the southeastern coast of the Persian gulf. The Tameer's Princess Tower (a hotel) has gotten a world recerod for being the TALLEST RESIDENTIAL TOWER IN THE WORLD. The height at Tammer's Princess Tower is 414 METERS TALL WITH 8 shops located inside of the hotel! Right by Dubai they have a man made island that is shaped like the palm of Jumeirah. For more information on Dubai you can go on to and search up things about Dubai


The flights to Dubai's International Airport is 18-23 hours from Denver's International Airport. If you fly on BRITISH AIRWAYS to Dubai and back costs $2,638 for 2 adults, with layovers (according to, traveling in January 2015).


After you arrive at Dubai's International Airport, you need to arrange the transportation to the resort and to pick up your rental car spot. So you need to call a taxi, once you get a taxi the minimum amount for each mile is $10.

Where to Stay

The amazing resort of Tameer's Princess Tower has very unique sights of other buildings high above the clouds, just like its self. The resort includes high speed elevators for each and every one of the 107 floors, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, billiard and table tennis rooms, gymnasiums, sauna rooms and messages for relaxation, and children rooms, all of this is for all kinds of people.

Tameer's Princess Tower has been open since 2012. The building its self has gotten a world record for being the tallest residential tower in the world. At Tameer's Princess Tower the building has approximately a land area of 37,410 square feet. Tameer's Princess Tower is an apartment building and hotel building all conjoined into one. On the very, very top floor of the building it will provide gathering and recreational facilities to the residents.

If you don't think that you can afford to stay at TAMMER'S PRINCESS TOWER then you can you on the website to find more hotels to stay in.


When you are in Dubai there are so many activities! First of all, Dubai has a man-made island called "The Lost City" which is supposed to look like the palm of Jumeirah. At The Lost City there is a waterpark called "Aquaventure". Once you get to Dubai you need to try out sandboarding located on the sand dunes that Dubai has. If you love Ferraris then you need to go to visit "Ferrari World", in Ferrari World there are Ferraris that you can look at, or you can go on the Ferrari based theme park they have indoors. If you go to the building called "Burji Al Arab" then you can play tennis on the top of that hotel you can play tennis on the roof. You can also visit "Yas Waterworld which is a waterpark. To find more Things to do in Dubai I suggest going to,31489,1849667_1849594_1849020,00.html. All information is from;, and


Welcome to Dubai! Once you get to Dubai there are many problems to face. Like the Arabic language can be difficult to understand, although some Arabians might be able to help by speaking English. Another problem would be to drive because in Dubai there can be many different laws to driving and you wouldn't know them. The money use in Dubai is also a difficult problem because they don't us U.S dollars like we do because they either use euros or United Arab Emirates Dirham, but with the help of Google you can see how much a euro or a United Arab Emirates Dirham costs. Dubai has many different laws, but as tourists we wouldn't know what they are. If you can search up on you can see what not to do or what to do.


In conclusion Dubai is a very beautiful and luxurious landmark. The sights are very beautiful. Once you get to Dubai there are many of things to do like for example you can go shopping, swimming, or even plain old sight seeing. As soon as you get to Dubai you would think that there is nothing to do, but in reality you honestly would want to come back once you leave, like I do. As You come back home you might see your country a lot differently and use money a lot more wisely like I am right now. No matter how rough it gets in life you can still look back into this trip you took.
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About the Traveler

Hello, my name is Erica and here are some things about me. Since I play for the U.S national soccer team I travel a lot, so I've basically been to many places except for Dubai. I was raised in Colorado. Sooner or later i will move to New York or California. I have two dogs, both German shephard and husky.

History & Culture

Dubai was founded in 1830 . In Dubai it is very important that when visitors vist Dubai they must respect and behave suitabily. Most people in Dubai are islamic. Dubai is famously kown as the entertainment capital of the middle east. The women there are also aloud to drive out without being unescorted.